Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Daybook

Outside my window... a windy day with starkly blue skies blowing around a little white cloud or two. Autumn has come to the mountains.
I am thinking... about who I can hire to babysit Will for a few hours each day, so I can focus on my work. I would prefer a college student who is studying education or childhood development. My mom encouraged me to think of this as an opportunity to befriend someone, but it's difficult to not be fearful. Even under the same roof, I'm hesitant to place my precious baby in the hands of someone else.
I am thankful for... coupons. Saved $12 at Babies-R-Us tonight.
From the kitchen... breakfast for dinner: pancakes and sausage patties and orange juice. Marty cooked for me, once again. Wasn't I going to get my act together in the kitchen?
I am creating... a baby photo album on Shutterfly. I'm already up to page 35 and only into the third week of Will's life. Each album has a maximum of 80 pages, and at $75 an album, it's quite the expensive hobby.
I am going... to finish cleaning and organizing my office. Then I'm going to reward myself by starting a savings fund for new office furniture, I'm thinking the Bedford collection from Pottery Barn. I'll be able to purchase it sometime in 2013.
I am reading... One Fifth Avenue. Still. See, Kate, you're not the only one lagging behind on finishing a book!
I am hoping... that Will sleeps more than 4 hours at a stretch tonight. He had shots today and is tired, cranky, and a wee bit feverish. It makes my mommy's heart sad to see him not feeling well.
I am hearing... Monday night football, Cowboys vs. Panthers. I'm rooting for the Panthers because I think that stadium in Dallas is just a bit much, and I'm way over Tony Romo. Wow, I remember the days when I hadn't a clue as to the identity of NFL quarterbacks, nor did I care about the outcomes of games. But, as my friend RJ once told me, I had my "football awakening." He also told me if there were a Hallmark card for such an event, he'd have given me one. :)
Around the house... is never enough company. Leslie is visiting in mid-October and I'm counting down the days.
One of my favorite things... is cinnamon roll Pop-Tarts. I've only ever seen them sold at Wal-Mart.


Katie B said...

Speaking of football and Tony Romo. . .You know how the commentators constantly fawn over players like Tom Brady? Well, apparently the guys who have man-crushes on Tony Romo are being called Romosexuals. Isn't that hilarious?!

I, too, am sick of hearing about the Cowboys' new stadium and the annoyingly large jumbotron screen thing. Christopher and I were watching the Cowboys play last week, and my jaw hit the floor when I saw that, positioned throughout the seating areas, were elevated cage things with cheerleaders dancing in them. I was appalled. Talk about over-the-top ridiculous and extremely inappropriate. They really need to get over themselves.

emily ann. said...

Dude...Monday was like FOUR DAYS AGO! :) You're adoring fans are sitting on the edge of their rocking chairs here! :)