Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Daybook

Outside my window... it's frosty-cold. And noisy. I can't WAIT to not live next to a jillion and a half college students. I know I'll have "city noise" when we move to the loft, but I'm really over always hearing the comings and goings of my neighbors, 99% of whom are in the 18-21 crowd. Yuck. No offense to college-age kids; I'm just...well past that kind of lifestyle.
I am thinking... of how I'm going to possibly get organized and packed for our big move in T-minus 14 days. Climb every mountain. Yikes.
I am thankful for... home. Even though I'm tired of this apartment (have I mentioned that yet?), it's still home and it's still where we lay our heads at night. I love my family and I love traveling, but I really hate living out of suitcases.
From the kitchen...
  • Monday: Beef Noodle Bowl ('twas delish tonight)
  • Tuesday: Omelettes with fresh veggies, baby bella mushrooms, and cheddar cheese
  • Wednesday: Three-cheese Ziti with Spinach
  • Thursday: BLTs
  • Friday: Homestyle Chicken Pot Pie
I am creating... a plan of attack for unpacking in the loft. Will's nursery first (put together crib, plug in monitor, set up diapering station, etc.), our master suite second (put sheets on bed and towels on racks, etc.), then basics in the kitchen. All of that needs to happen in Hours 1-2. HA! I'm only half-kidding, because then I need my office set up so I can return to work in a timely way, then the living room so Will can watch Clifford with Jessie, so on and so on. Anyone want to fly in to Tri-Cities to help???
I am going... to do at least 2-3 more loads of laundry yet tonight. I hate the piles of laundry that are inevitable after a trip. (I just realized how domestic this whole post sounds. Not sure how I feel about that.)
I am reading... just my magazines at the moment. Though as I told Kate earlier today, if Southern Living features another family who "enjoys getting away to their 2,000-square-foot woodland retreat when life in the big city gets to be too much", I might toss cookies and cancel my subscription. Really, Southern Living, can we include more of our target audience next issue??? Anyhoo, I need some book recommendations. My latest pick-up at the store was a complete dud.
I am hoping... to figure out a great birthday present for my hubby. His birthday is Christmas Day, y'all! No pressure on me to come up with double the amount of fabulous gifts!
I am hearing... The Saints v. Patriots game on the telly. Now if the Saints go to the SuperBowl, some of that gift-giving pressure might be off, because Marty won't be able to concentrate on much else until the end of January. He's been a Saints fan all his life and they're still undefeated!
Around the house... I'm missing some essential baby-gear items. Time to buy an exersaucer, time to buy a highchair. Puppy is now eating at least 3/4 cup of rice cereal at night, and right now we're doing the "Daddy props him on the table while Mama scoops it in" thing, and that's just not working for us.
One of my favorite things... clean sheets. Coffee. Cookies. Online shopping. Life changes. Friends. You name it -- anything that's blessing me these days is my favorite thing!


emily ann. said...

Get either a Bumbo seat (AWESOME for pre-sitting-up eaters!) or a Space Saver high chair. LOVE. IT's great to toss in the car and take to homes without high chairs. Nells just likes to sit in hers now and "read" aka open and close her books.

Kate said...

Congrats to Marty on last night's game! The Saints are our fav non-MI team (the Lions may never have any points, but they have our hearts....)