Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday Daybook

Outside my window... bright blue skies that make the deep colors of the (remaining) red and orange leaves really pop.
I am thinking... about an enormous life change (yes, another one). More on that to come. Also about how sad I'll be when my sister leaves for home this week.
I am thankful for... my heating pad. Not doing so great adjusting back to the delights of NOT being pregnant...ahem.
I am creating... a budget. Wish I could say it's going well, but I'm not talented with math or money. If only one could create a budget by just reading stacks of books, but NO. You have to use spreadsheets and calculators and numbers and all sorts of things that give me hives.
I am going... to call and schedule haircuts for myself and Mr. Conway. We're both sporting way too much hair these days.
I am reading... The Unlikely Disciple: A Sinner's Semester at America's Holiest University. And holy cow, do I ever have things to say. This book has inspired me to rethink some future goals; namely, I want to become something of an amateur expert on fringe/extreme religious sects within Protestantism, because I truly believe God has something for me to say/contribute to the Christian understanding of these "cultures."
I am hoping... to nail down a daytime nanny very, very soon.
I am hearing... sweet silence. Will is asleep, rocking in his swing. Aunt Katie is sitting on the couch, absorbing another book. I'm quietly tapping at my keyboard and enjoying the sunshine streaming in the windows.
Around the house... are plenty of groceries. I did one of those marathon trips to Wal-Mart yesterday to prepare for the coming week. And came home simply exhausted! Does anyone else get worn out by Wal-Mart?
One of my favorite things... our new Avent bottle-warmer. Ridiculously priced (just as expensive as our coffeemaker?!?) but it will definitely pay for itself fairly soon.


Kate said...

Don't you love starting out the week with all the groceries you need? For some reason that always makes me feel uber-prepared for the week. And p.s., I highly recommend Quicken for your budget work. It's downright fun to use and does all the thinking and calculating for you. Totally worth the $50 or whatever it costs.

Kate said...

Also, I need to draw to your attention that you haven't posted a single picture of Will since he was 2 months old. AHEM.

The Shabby Princess said...

Yes, Wal-Mart exhausts me to no end.